When Jack Cola was elected the CEO of the Lucentra Corporation, he was welcomed into office by Comcast’s Chairman and CEO, Brian Roberts. Lucentra’s offices are currently located on the 42nd floor of the Comcast Center of Philadelphia. Cola was welcomed by Roberts on the Comcast Center's Facebook page with a biography detailing Cola's accomplishments before arriving at Lucentra.

As Cola’s track record would indicate, he has had success at every stop he has been at. From his humble upbringing in the Bronx, New York, he has always persevered and overcome any and all obstacles that have been put in front of him.

Cola is an alumni of some of the prestigious schools in the country. He attended High School in the Bronx. He got his bachelor's degree in Queens, New York, where he majored in criminal justice with a minor in business administration. He later moved on to Manhattan where he received his masters degree in Jurisprudence.

After completing his secondary education, Cola put the skills he obtained in school and cultivated on his own to use and helped bring several consulting companies out of obscurity and into prosperity. In December of 2012, he found himself being appointed as the CEO of the Lucentra Corporation. He officially took office on January 17, 2013. Though Cola got a late start into the first business quarter of that year, he would soon catch up and surpass most of Lucentra’s competition.

Just under 40 days into his tenure as CEO of Lucentra Corporation, Cola had increased their profit by an unprecedented 193 percent, a mark that was recognized by the WSO. This is an attribute to Cola’s resilience—he was unfazed by his late start at Lucentra. Once he settled in, he got to work and accomplished something amazing. Cola expanded Lucentra’s reach as well. Before he arrived, Lucentra only did business in five sectors within the United States. Within 3 months they were operating on all 7 continents and the Middle East and in 20 different business sectors.

Cola also oversaw several divisions within Lucentra, including research and development, sales and marketing, and many others. He reported to the board members on a consistent basis to discuss any upcoming business matters. With Lucentra and Comcast together, this can only be a sign of good things to come.