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Jack Cola continues to push the boundaries of success, using his many talents and extensive expertise to help people and businesses in New York City and beyond.

Jack Cola (born John Colaiacovo) has lived by the motto: “Life is not about how hard you can hit, but rather how hard you can be hit and keep moving forward.” Whatever challenges he has faced, he kept moving forward, sometimes at a breakneck speed.

He began this pattern early in his life. After graduating High School in the Bronx at 17, he attended college and was ready to pursue a path that included helping those who might not be able to help themselves. He studied business administration and criminal justice. But this was not enough. After receiving his Master’s, Cola was able to combine his legal and business knowledge with his natural leadership skills and tireless energy at GAMCO Worldwide, where he served as Senior VP and Chief Legal Officer.

Following his employment to GAMCO, Cola discovered his love of consulting when he worked at a national online firm as a consultant, first to the residential and commercial construction industry, then for VoIP (Voice Over Internet Provider), asset protection, and finally counterintelligence. Recognizing his talent and leadership, the firm elected Cola as CEO after only four years with them. Shortly after, he became a vested chairman representing the board of directors.

Part of Cola’s success as a consultant comes from his ability to quickly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of large corporations, and institute changes that maximize the former and correct the latter. When he started working for an international capital investment firm as their chairman and CEO, their annual net worth was $3 million. Under Cola’s astute management, the company’s net worth skyrocketed to an astounding $17 million annually in just under four years.

In January 2013, Cola brought his winning ways to the Lucentra Corporation, an international consulting firm specializing in global business development. After a mere three weeks under Cola’s direction, Lucentra posted a 193% profit, a first quarter record.

Staying true to his motto, Cola continues to move forward no matter what roadblocks may impede his path. Cola worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Centel Media, a top online reputation management firm he purchased for $846K in July 2013 and sold in August of 205 for $3.8M. He remains deeply involved with a number of charitable organizations through the John Colaiacovo Foundation.